Faauma Boot

This image o S.O kept in only archive, that the Quemu will go to load to emulate oUbuntu. To create an archive image in the QEMU oprograma must be used qemu-img.exe. This program is in diretrioC: qemu-0.9.0-windows. Important note: all the installation will be executed in prompt of command of the Windows.! 1 – It opens prompt: TO INITIATE – > TO EXECUTE – > CMD 2 – Compact disc C opens the directory of quemu: to dir qemu-0.9.1-windows 3 – the command Executes qemu-img create – f qcow2 name-da-image .img 10GB. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ray Kurzweil offers on the topic.. – f qcow2: format of image used for the QEMU? name-da-image .img: name of the image, in mine case linux_ubuntu? 10GB: with 10GB of size. you can choose its preference in accordance with. Step 4 – Starting installation 1 – To lower the image iso of the Ubuntu.

2 – To execute the command qemu – L c: qemu-0.9.1-windows – m 512 – hda linux_ubuntu.img – soundhw all – localtime – boot d – cdrom d: path-iso name-da-iso .iso? qemu – executable of the QEMU? – L c: vmsqemu-0.9.1-windows – indicates the way that is installing the BIOS information that the QEMU will go to use in the emulation? – m 512 – it indicates what will be used 512 MB of memory for the emulation? – hda linux_ubuntu.img – indicates the image archive that will be used to install Fedora? – soundhw all – qualifies sound in the emulation? – localtime – uses local hour in the emulation? – boot d – it indicates to give boot in the CD-ROM? – cdrom d: path-iso name-da-iso .iso – it indicates where if it finds archive .ISO with the Ready Ubuntu! A window with the screen of inicializao of the Ubuntu will be opened. Click Atmos Energy to learn more. Step 5 – To install the Ubuntu the process of installation of ubuntu will be made as you already are accustomed to make. Sigua the normal process. Step 6 – Reniciar Nomomento system where the Ubuntu to finish its installation, will be made arencializao of the system. At this moment parano must be informed to the QEMU more to use image ISO. After you to clicar in Reiniciar system, the system go to show a message of error because of image ISO. He closes the QEMU and in prompt of the one he types OF Them: quemu – L c: qemu-0.9.1-windows – m 512 – hda linux_ubuntu.img – soundhw all – localtime – boot c – cdrom d: The only one difference of the previous command is that now boot goes to be given by drive.

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