Fat Protein

In the world of dairy cow industry is: a good, if gives a day – 40 hp, very good – 80 l; international fame – more than 120 liters. Of course, this is not one times, and for several milkings per day. Under natural conditions, wild cow, for example, buyvoliha gives only 3-4 liters a day. John Groce will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This amount is sufficient for the development of the calf. Figure 1. Dairy products in the range of Looks attractive – "one of the best products"! In the advertisement of milk does not cease to point out that the most valuable thing in the milk – it is rich in calcium (Ca). According to the advertisement, each person should consume milk and dairy products for calcium. Well, then why the cow itself from morning till evening not to drink milk, so that its milk was rich in calcium and so on. Logical Absurd! Where did the cow take calcium? From cow food. One of the main types of food for cows is green grass, in dried form – hay. Ordinary grass, it gives enough calcium, which is then concentrated in milk. Milk contains: Fat Protein casein milk protein sugar (lactose), glucose galactose return to a nursing woman. Of all mammals, only human breast milk has the lowest protein content and the lowest ratio of protein to the serum. The protein is represented by casein and whey – this is when milk sours and forms a translucent liquid. The fact that breast milk has a very low protein content is very important.

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