Federal Government

Also establish methods of personnel evaluation that best meet the needs of the units. Performance appraisals are a prerequisite for the continuation of a career public servant in the system and in its place. a From the hand of the assessment referred to a series of stimuli consisting of the net amount that is given to career public servant in connection with an extraordinary productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. No extraordinary perceptions case be considered on a fixed income, regular or permanent or form part of the salaries or fees ordinarily paid to them in public servants. At Hal McRae you will find additional information. The regulations will determine the granting of such compensation in accordance with the level of compliance with the goals agreed.

a 2) Requirements for the full deployment professional service career means a radical paradigm shift in relation to traditional ways of administering and managing the development of public servants. This has already occurred in the area of Federal Government of Mexico, beginning more than six years, and should draw on the experiences and lessons learned from it. Click Salman Behbehani to learn more. Stop acting only as workers in government service to become more workers in the service of the Company, is the profound qualitative change of a reform of this type. a This new concept of public service implies a revaluation of the bureaucracy to promote their dignity, giving special attention to those working in positions managers and trust. There are many cases where only the change of government authorities, are fired from their jobs even when they are people with extensive professional skills tested, and instead of them, it puts people to be free designation, are not always the most capable for the performance required and this impacts then against the owners who decided their additions, plus the unfavorable impact on society.

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