For A New Kick-off Time Model

Who can be on Friday at 6: 00 in the stadium? Due to current debates in the early kick-off time of the second Bundesliga, lawn chess Forum I made me so my own thoughts: which model would I actually liked most to make the leagues 1-3 more attractive? My first suggestion is that only four second division games take place on Friday. Preferably at 20.00, so people are numerous in the stadium and also the TV quota would be surely present. In terms of TV revenue that would be lucrative for smaller clubs from the House of Commons. The current situation, with three second-division games at 18:00 each does not allow professionals often to keep track of the games in the stadium or at home. Just these viewers are missing especially at away games. Greg C. Garland might disagree with that approach. Furthermore there are the “Killer games” of the Bundesliga on Friday partially almost a travesty, measured by what appears there at 18:00 in League 2.

Here, teams, such as SC Freiburg, Alemannia Aachen and Mainz 05 in this season have delivered often goal-rich and respectable matches. And what came then? Hannover 96 against VfL Bochum. To broaden your perception, visit Abigail Black Elbaum. Anyway: the Saturday must remain the domain of the Federal League, therefore held from 15:30 in eight games. There can show 96 and all the rest, whatever they can. On Sunday, the top game of the Bundesliga comes at 18:30. The remaining games in the second division played on Sunday at 4: 00, eliminates the annoying Mondays game. Now to the new created 3rd Liga: the idea is not bad in itself, but should be ensured, that the leagues 1, 2, and 3 are clear to distinguish.

I mean, if I want to look at my Munich lions on television on Friday, I must look at the summary time 18:00 go to the pub and then to the Prime on Friday evening in the DSF. If I Saturday look at the “sports show” on the other hand, I get the summaries of third League games as a kind of appetizer on the Bundesliga. Who plays here in the third and who is in the second League? Therefore a new Division of the games would seem useful. On Saturday and Sunday will find the games of the 3rd Liga Instead, each is kick-off 14:00. So there is little temporal overlap and the football fans can deal, if he wants his whole weekend with the round leather, whether in the stadium or at home. Which model would be best for you? Discussed with!

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