Having Puppies

In the first 8 weeks, you will be in charge of the correct raising of the puppies. To know more about this subject visit Salar Kamangar. Asegurarte will be your work that the puppies are sociable and healthful. Asegrate that does not take much cold nor that are exposed to too much heat. In the first days, djalos with their mother and try not to bother them too much. Nevertheless, you must have them a little in arms. You may want to visit rusty holzer to increase your knowledge. A mother who knows you and trusts you will allow that loadings to its puppies, you weigh that them daily, you caress and them.

You must accustom to the puppies to that they like to be in arms and that they recognize to you from the beginning. But you do not move away them of the view of the mother and you do not have them in arms during long time. If she begins to put herself nervous, devulvele her puppies. Nevertheless, it spends time with her and its puppies, that are accustomed. This is very important if you wish that they grow being sociable. It daily continues loading and weighing the puppies. Cercirate of which they are gaining weight, and if a puppy does not get fat, looks for advice of your veterinarian quickly.

When they have some weeks, llvalos to the veterinarian in order to verify that they are healthful. The puppies will be in favor blind and deaf of several days after to be born. They will begin to orte in just a short time and they will be on the awares in one week. The puppies grow very fast, and will shine different from a day from another one. The best thing than you can do by the puppies is to be present, to have them in arms every day, and to provide the mother with good food, clean water, enough exercise and much love. This is the best way to assure a healthful family.

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