Although the perfect direction does not exist to manage to position a criterion, the following advice can help us when to make a decision: It deals with which they are including the key words within the URL. The characters ” _ ” , ” ” they can be used to separate the words. He is not recommendable too long or too short directions. A hierarchy in the URL can be obtained: It obtains it to this including in the name of the directory the most generic term, like for example ” tenis” and then, in the name of the file, the characteristics ” for feet very grandes”. An example of this would be: /tenis/pies_grandes.htm Another option is to work only with directories: The terms but important of the criterion to position will be included in the name of the directory and it can use a generic file name: This would be seen thus: /tenis_pies_grandes/index.htm is not advisable to spend a dineral to buy a dominion to position a Web. To obtain direction URL ” ” it is not guarantee of which its Web is positioned before, in some cases can be detrimental, since the direction of its Web can be returned unmanageable and for its visitors he will be very complicated.

* It selects to the content of its GOAL the content of puts Keywords and Description does not have a greater importance in the algorithm of indexing in Google, but they have a very important paper in our page, since Google will use the content of the Description goal to give account of our page in its page of results. You may wish to learn more. If so, Walter Bettinger is the place to go. Using the example in that we come working, the following goals could be used: * He obtains the greater amount of connections To obtain connections would have to be a consequence to own a page quality Web, they are an ideal measurer of whichever interest desperto our page Web to the navigators, and also, the connections, or links, ample the amount of people at whom we arrived, making our popularity increasing. Advice: He tries to discharge from the hospital his Web in the main directories and finders. Hgase to know by webmasters of sites that have relation with products and services that you work. If she visited pages that it has liked and that it considers interesting for his own visitors, they place a Link did. By no reason she buys links and she avoids the connections from little clear sites, that they can be fraudulent. * She makes his page easiest to understand for Google. Google must have the possibility of entering and to sail our page the more easily possible, this is something obvious, since if Google cannot accede, understand and index the page, all the work that we did will be in vain.

For that reason: Google indexes the textual contents of its page, only is by which if it also places the styles in external leaves and the code Javascript in external archives, it will be helping in his work. Css tries to use styles stops the preparation of the pages of the site: This allows him to use code HTML minimally, to only position the elements in the screen. The tables must be used exclusively to show tables. It does not use frames, since its content is invisible for Google. It does not use redirections. It realises pages within the standards.

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