If Only People Would Talk

Today I leave and was to see a soccer and seated alone in the arquibancada one and no matter how hard he needed to talk with somebody, I was alone good part of the game, but the soccer was very bad and the game was tied up to. Now I am alone, alone exactly, grudado in mine notebook, that lately he has been my friend of solitude and that for takes off me to times of it and takes my small writings for people others that will know never me, because I write some texts under my pseudonym. But, coming back to the subject, as it would be good if people could talk, exactly that people did not obtain to understand themselves, but would be enough to talk, to conflict our ideas, instead of conflicting our lives uselessly. Already I do not have hopes that let us can understanding in them, but believe that let us can talk, despite it is alone for talking. Taste of you, I love you, you it knows of this but between us it exists something that inexplicably separates in them and honest I do not know as to act to move away from us what in the truth it goes in moving away each time plus one from the other. If somebody existed that if worried about our situation and that it could helping in them, but also does not see who can make this. Good, it only remains me to count on the time, therefore the Bible says that ‘ ‘ It underneath has a certain time for each intention of the sky: time of being born and time to die, planting season and time for spoon what it was stood, time to kill and time to cure, time to knock down and time to construct, time to cry and time to laugh, time of prantear and time to dance, time to spread rocks and time to join them, time to hug and time of if containing, time to look and time to give up, time to keep and time to play outside, time to tear and time to sew, time to silence and time of speaking, time to love and time hating, time to fight and time of living in paz.’ ‘ I only wait that the time is not so cruel that it does not allow to occur the time where let us can talk and who knows to understand itself, at least a little.

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