Instant Messaging

What is web 2.0 a possible definition of web 2.0 could be the following: say that a web page is a web 2.0 when that page behaves like an application that we have installed on our computer. At least I consider it so. I.e., that this web makes things, in response to our actions, giving us a functionality similar to that could give us a program. For example, a web page that would write our documents, save them, edit them later, export it to different formats, etc would be a web 2.0 main advantages the advantages are obvious. But the main one is that we can access our files and programs from any PC connected to the internet. IM one of the clearest examples of web 2.0 is the Instant Messaging. I once had the problem that on the same day had worked on several computers.

And of course, the messenger kept me logs of conversations, but on the PC in which was at that time. And at the end I needed 7 programs for manage every type of instant messaging program. However, there are many websites that offer this service in a way beautiful. Noteworthy Meebo. Here are some examples of websites of Photo Editor IM another application that my find me very useful is Slashup. A website that allows you to edit your images as if it were the Almighty fotoshop, with layers and everything.

Impressive. Slashup. Photo editing from the web since then each has their favorite Web applications, and I’ve told them are the mine.

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