Interior Living Place

Here at last you move into your own apartment, and will not have to look at the angry faces of parents when you want to be invited to visit friends. This raises another question: where is their place. Click here is full of insight into the issues. Kitchen design is not for Among friends, there you can find a better boyfriend or girlfriend, but not gay parade. bedroom interior in general, for this will not work because it is so individual, perhaps precisely for such purposes, and was invented by a living room. The main living room is the center of meaning. Here, for example in ancient times, this center performed a fireplace, but it’s not such a center because earlier people did not know what is centrally heated.

Now, of course, the placement of the fireplace will carry a exactly the most central. With all that fire is always embodied peace and contentment. But such an interior is more suitable romantics, and not always be fun for the guests. Since science is forward and machinery with every day is getting better and better now, meaning the center is integral to the whole family thing – television. Salman Behbehani gathered all the information. Placed around it already common to many other interior that includes a set of sofa + Armchair. It is best to place them so that all attention was paid to central part of the living room. Attempt to exclude the old, no longer fashionable furniture placement through the wall. If you allow the space, try experiment with a variation of the furniture.

Now successfully uses the option to create small islands of communication, and serves as a complement to all the small table. Probably, at this table will be held friendly tea party, a romantic absorption of champagne, so it is important to choose the appropriate original design: wood, glass, various inlays, mosaics, marble or granite – the choice is wide. Everyone loves to listen to your favorite music, relax in the evening on a cozy couch, reading a favorite book, but you need to find a worthy place for video, audio, your books. To this end, suitable furniture, whether it’s wall shelving for books and souvenirs or various tables. These items give the room a more lived-in look. But the main thing that has not arisen bust: in the living room there should be no difficulty in walking. If occasionally you want to use living as a dining room, a place to do this, you do not have enough, then use the furniture-transformers. This table will hold inconspicuous place on weekdays and on holidays you will not have the extra headache. The living room should be be established excellent coverage, because it is held here most of the time at home. But we advise you other than general lighting hang and still single sconce or lamp in order to highlight the area of reading or it will simply creating intimate corners for intimate conversations. For all this it is worth remembering that the harmony and comfort in your apartment are achieved not only through the excellent interior design, but also on your personality.

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