So results winner winner practical new and proven methods and tools for the negotiations are described can be implemented as immediately in the negotiation practice. In the second part of the book is a personal training course with exercises and practical examples to find. Thus the preconditions for even better results in the future negotiations. This book is written from the practice for the practice. Many examples from the experience of negotiating in different industries have been incorporated. Who purposefully wants to build long-term partnership relationships, must Win.Win control strategies in the trial match with customers and apply the appropriate negotiation techniques can, making both sides winners.

Successful negotiations in the sale: so can contend in the competition. Especially in difficult times with narrowing profit margins and increasing market pressure, the successful negotiations increasingly gaining importance. As a salesman, Keyaccounter / in,. Sales associate, is challenged your negotiating skills every day on the new as an Executive in sales or as an entrepreneur. Successful in the book negotiations on sale so results winner winner”you learn: how to actively control negotiations.

How you successfully negotiate model through the application of the 4 phases. How to recognize different negotiation strategies and implement situation. How to systematically prepare a negotiation. How to identify signals and how you would react to it. How you deal with barriers in the negotiation talks. How you deal with uncooperative or aggressive negotiating partners. How to reduce the rejection of own proposals. How safe and targeted work with demand catalogues. How to apply different negotiation tactics how to better assess concessions and bring about a win-win situation. The reader can professionalize the negotiating skills and learn to use modern and effective communication methods accurately. Valuable checklists the flexibility in negotiations will expand for the preparation and conduct of negotiations in practice.

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