LogiMAT Mobile SAP Solution

OSC presents a mobile SAP solution for the reorganization of the block warehouse at the LogiMAT 2013. Hamburg, 28.01.2013 competition and complex requirements placing manufacturer and supplier in the area of the Lagerlogisitk new challenges. Ensuring a smooth supply chain necklace is one of them. An efficient and intelligent storage management can significantly support this and thus reduce costs and secure competitive advantages. The SAP Warehouse Management provides ways to depict the different storage strategies in the system, one of them is that the block storage. They are characterised by high flexibility and efficient use of warehouse space. Read more from Michael Steinhardt to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

However, it has weaknesses in single access to a specific asset and the compliance of the FIFO principle not optimal to ensure. At this point, OSC optimized block storage logistics of the SAP standard with a mobile solution that performs a reorganization according to desired criteria such as expiration date, goods receipt date or other customer-specific requirements. By faster access to the right material be so the operational material movements from the bulk storage simplifies and accelerates. “OSC at the LogiMAT 2013: let your logistics run.

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