Looking for Energy Efficiency

Added to this, products are rarely installation quality and are typically installed without adequate knowledge of the system and the ground. This leads to the persistence of failures and malfunctions and failing to ensure the protection of workplace and equipment or machinery, as it is unlikely that a traditional system offers security. natural lands currently guaranteed a system of natural lands called designed with world class technology that guarantees up to fifteen years their products, besides being a structural system of high efficiency permanent dissipation and low impedance, so it is a system supported by physics laws, regulations and international guidelines. This system shows very considerable advantages over traditional physical land, such as reduced cost of corrective maintenance on the installation and no maintenance. the benefits granted by the land system of physical and lightning are guaranteed for their products are of quality and the system is highly recommended. Some of the benefits of the system are: – compatibility and effective coupling between energy sources and electrical loads. – Protect the electromechanical equipment, machinery, tools, motors and controls.

Increased security at the center of efforts to protect the computer. – Reduced power consumption – Increases the quality and lifespan in electrical equipment and machinery. – The system makes lightning from falling into unwanted areas and through a system of lightning creates a path for the lightning striking in a place where no damage. – Provides the reduction in costs because the system requires no maintenance. – The Streamline the use of energy and electrical bonding – provides “0? software required for the effective operation of networks and components. Ground facilities and lightning systems.

Whenever you make an installation of grounding and lightning rods to be made for people who know the rules and guidelines to follow, as is often the installation performed without knowledge and this leads to failures and persistent problems as well as accidents and fires, plus many of the failures of instrumentation, harmonic distortion and power factor problems are an ineffective grounding system. Likewise, soil resistivity, the state of the ground rods and connections, with time and temperature changes undergo changes that alter the resistivity of the earth ground. When looking for natural lands and install lightning rods must meet required standards to ensure the smooth operation of the system, it is desirable to leave this task to professionals care not to endanger life or heritage. line grounding and lightning guarantees its products for 15 years, in addition to experts in the field for the supply and installation, offering the best service and the most successful. Account Executive – Consulting Energy Efficiency Electric SA De CV Calzada San Juan 64, Col. Ciudad Granja Zapopan, Jalisco, 45 010, Tel 52 (33) 3627-3226

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