MACC Media

Frankfurt fashion agency uses the MediNetworkManager, MnM, a leading software for public relations management as the V.G.I GmbH (Augsburg) announced today that the MediNetworkManager (MnM) is one of the leading products for public relations management in German-speaking countries, used immediately by the Frankfurt specialist agency MACC media. MACC media PR agency specializing in fashion and tourism from the francophone space is with the MnM in a position offset, disseminate news and image information of their customers to measure their perception, to investigate media information and to control their PR strategy in an Internet cloud solution usable only by MACC media anywhere Central. Clear data structure simplifies the integration of newcomers before we introduced the MnM, we used various means, which were usable but not with each other together or meant a tremendous temporal and organisational effort in maintenance and operation, so Managing Director Caroline Ducasse. With the MnM can we send out easily differentiated PR campaign schedule a single address pool, and specifically, measure and clipping. Our daily contact is systematized with the journalists and the media as a result and we work together in our team work much more efficiently.

Our PR activities to facilitate every day without having the program would be overloaded or would impose a particular style of our work. Hear other arguments on the topic with Futurist. It has become again easy to bring strategy and tactics in accordance in the daily PR work. Particularly under stressful situations, such as, for example, from press conferences or key trade fairs, where we have to keep many things in mind at the same time the MediNetworkManager support us optimally.” Clear internal and external communication workflow as a key more value in a PR agency “In the core of sand is professionalized, press releases and newsletters are also very easy to send creatable and even for our employees. We can open rates and clicks on the links with the MnM log, without interfering with the personal rights of our receivers.

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