Make Yourself Responsible

I received an email from a person whose text I show below: knows I am beginning a relationship with a divorced person like me but he always has a little reasonable character is what to the seem you. me trta very well but my son does not accept it, sometimes I would like to go a few days of travel to find me to myself, need me, to the have asked is but his work you absorbs long time and that sometimes a my makes me sad that no longer see the interest I had as to the principle I have stopped going to coffee with my friends why not you think and if thing I do is where no se entere and thats lying though I am not glad to be me me frefugio much in God to continue my life. Connect with other leaders such as Alexey Miller here. I was several years alone after my divorce until a friend told me that he would give me a chance with this person sometimes I’m happy with the and sometimes don’t feel it. greetings and hopefully advise me something nice day. And here I am to share with you the answer that gave him, since it is probably of benefit for more than one, apart from my Lo first I propose is to decide for once for all to start to give you time to yourself.

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