Marketing at Christmas Time

Even pagan celebration, but a joy organized and mechanized. However, and here is the error of seeing everything as a mere “consumerism”, the current festival is not only in this sense eminently commercial and manipulated. The old sense of worship and joy survive in difficult conditions, but can be a counterpoint or a perspective that many rescue the idea of a sense of things. In Chile, 20 years ago, Christmas shopping begins around December 1. Today, following American trends, and in October we were being inundated Christmas atmosphere. The extension period is another desecration.

Also perceived stress in our environment has to do with Christmas in the southern hemisphere coincides with the end of the year, while the north is a time between periods of high intensity work. Novosti writes for his art, that the commercialization of Christmas is something that precedes attempts to secularize. The usual Christmas discounts contribute to a religious event is becoming the party go shopping. Definitely, Christmas is a major business for many, is the most anticipated season for clothing stores, gifts, restaurants, toy stores, print shops, arts and crafts., since many of them with December sales enough to balance your business financially in the following commonly three or four months tends to drop. This is the time when people have their bonus that not only used to spend on yourself if not to give to others. So it’s time to get to work to start or strengthen its business by offering an excellent product or service. Those who use this season to turn marketing revenues for benefit will suggest that if you want to take this party to grow your business and the customer to keep a wonderful impression, hire the necessary staff, define that need more posts support the profile to be met by employees and train them with the only other actual staff within the function of the market and what it involves, it is worth considering what he brings Cecilia Denis, if we want the holiday season ended in success for our products involves a series of preconditions. The Christmas campaign involves, first, develop our products based on the specific needs of buyers during these dates (ease of choice, original ideas, that are affordable …) Group common objects, give them an original touch or Christmas , or direct them to people with similar characteristics can facilitate consumer choice.

In addition, products must have sufficient visibility to stand out from others. The consumer at this time is “assaulted” by thousands of messages that make you become more selective than usual. Activision Blizzard shines more light on the discussion.

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