Medical Electronics

Students of this specialty are a deep knowledge of computers and microprocessors and senior years specializing in the development and operation of medical equipment. The most important area of work department – training in medical electronics, professionals in the design, development and maintenance of instruments for diagnosis and treatment. The need for the health sector in such specialists has arisen in connection with the use of modern diagnostic process electronic computerized systems – it's microprocessor EEG recording the electrical activity brain rheograph, allowing to identify vascular pathology, computer tomography, ultrasound machines for (U.S.), a wide class of physical therapy devices for electrotherapy, high-frequency, microwave and laser therapy. Graduates of the department are in steady demand in the labor markets of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the USA working in Australia, Canada, Israel and China. They can be found in the state and private companies engaged in the design, manufacture and operation of electronic devices and systems for high technology, including microprocessor technology, personal computers, medical diagnostic systems. They work in industry and academic institutes, universities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, law enforcement agencies, the tax administration. Among our graduates are more than two candidates and doctors, many of whom work in SevNTU.

At one of the leading companies in electronic engineering in Ukraine "Tavrida Electric", which develops and manufactures high-voltage switchgear, in its various units, today employs about 50 professionals, graduates of the department. In the opinion of management, the current graduates of professionally trained in modern microprocessor technology, analog and digital circuitry, programming skills, the reliability of microelectronic devices, and the profile of their training fully meets the needs and requirements of advanced manufacturing. Microelectronics, nanoelectronics, biomedical electronics – is advanced and promising directions in science and technology. Specialty department of electronic engineering – is prestige and a real prospect, they will help to realize your talents and intellectual abilities. Source: Department of CRT.

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