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Improvement of cell phones do not stop at any second. Companies producing mobile phones and a large number of them are not stopped the competition for buyers of their products. To do this, come up with beautiful external design of the phone, create many different types of buildings in a package of new products, razlychnye colors. And it is not undoubtedly improved filling of mobile phones. So improved color depth and resolution of displays and cameras, the speed of chips and the amount of internal memory. This all leads to the fact that the phone is transformed into a small computer and allows you to store more files.

What data is stored usually on the phone? This video, games, pictures and ringtones. About music and would like to talk. In prehistoric times, when the phone was almost unconscious and with black and white display them put monophonic ringtones, or popularly ringtones. With the advent of mobile phone midi decoder to be replaced polyphonic ring tones. Then, with increasing processing power and telephone number of the memory made real tones – snippets of melodies in amr or MP3 format, which is reproduced as is, ie from both the Music Center or the player. When memory was in the mobile phone a lot, it became possible to record music in MP3 format entirely and listen to music not only as a call, but listen to them as an MP3 player. How many songs will fit into a cell phone? It depends on the amount of internal and extra memory. The internal memory on the average is 60-100 mb, and the amount of songs 4 mb in the phone will fit 15-20 songs.

You may say that quite modest. But in almost every modern phone has a jack for an optional memory card, which today can reach up to 4 gigabytes or 4000 megabytes. And this is a vault for 1000 tracks in MP3 format. Agree, this is very bad for a 'normal' phone. Many audiophiles refuse to separate MP3 player for such a possibility in your phone. Phone not long ago pushed the simple cameras and now take up players. After all, much more comfortable surface with only a single device instead of three in the shape of the phone than three – MP3 player, camera and phone. This is especially true in hot weather when the amount of clothing with pockets does it all at once with are wearing. Where can I get songs on the new phone with an empty flash memory to 4 gigabytes? Here there are 3 options. The first is to connect the phone to your home computer using a data cable or other interface and download music from there. Another way – to download a song from a mobile phone with other bluetooth or infrared port. The next way – download music from the Internet using technology gprs. On numerous online resources are invited to download music in MP3 format as paid and free, where there is a lot of music of different genres such as alternative hits Fulton, retro Fulton, Fulton, dance, rap Fulton. Of course you choose how recharge your musical archive. Maybe you will not be able to find all tracks with one of the methods described above, and you have to take all three. Source: download MP3 songs for nokia

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