Mondeo Concept Car Iosis

500 Nm torque! This is the fastest version – 5.9 seconds up to a hundred – faster more powerful gasoline engine. As the saying goes, and the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe. Connect with other leaders such as Salman Behbehani here. Oh, we'd diesel fuel European quality! At this might be, and stop, but there are . This Audi S5: crazy dynamics yields 354-strong V-shaped "eight" in volume of 4,2 liters. However, there is the possibility of creating a more powerful and RS5. Apparently, the Prime Minister was not far off, given the emergence of the next car bmw M3 bmw while holds the technical details, but what a manly hood complex form V-shaped "figure of eight with a capacity of about 420 horses – not a secret. The choice will be offered two transmissions: the usual 6-step "mechanics" and new development – the dual-clutch transmission.

Interestingly, the bmw M3 – lightweight roof made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. But the M3 emblem from the trunk lid was gone – undignified. A machine with a simple "" can not be confused. Exterior styling can be called a style-aggressive: "evil" bumper, pushing and wings, a pair of dual exhaust pipes, defiantly sticking out from under the body kit. But while "Emka" – a concept car. And let the fans salivating Bavarian predator there is still decent – until the fall of Frankfurt. Ford Mondeo Concept Car Iosis its "kinetic" design to the last leaves hope that the new Mondeo – it's just he is. And now the flagship of the European branch of Ford is shown to the public. Obviously, the concept of multiple

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