Mosquito Bites

The bite of the mosquito O Jornal Meio Norte (PI), substance of responsibility of the journalist Carcar Aid, not to confuse with ours, Polyborus plancus, alarms in the first page: ‘ ‘ Zoobotnico brings risk visitantes’ ‘. In not speaking, obviously, the mosquito in case that it could, would say thus: ‘ ‘ Teresina today is ours lar’ ‘. They visit the Park Zoobotnico de Teresina of 110.000 pupils of the public nets not much less and private, with predominance of 90% of the public nets, and until the present date register of perforated does not consist in the place. The journalist, errnea, inexact impression of the appearance (not essential); enclosure of the Podocnemis turtles expansa/Caiman alligators crocodylus, to the dirty one related, to the times, we cannot affirm it as absolute truth. They reproduce the quagmire and not a crystalline swimming pool any, infested of larvae, mosquitos in a noble quarter of our city. The danger observes in the quarters, streets, houses, without exception, also in the residence Mr.

mayor Slvio Mendes, worried as the too much authorities. With regard to the water throughs of the felinos, of in such a way exotic habits one, daily expels in the proper water some excrementos, being the washed water throughs. The Procyon raccoon cancrivorus takes to the water through all the foods that ingest different of several in Brazil that they camouflage the dirt under of the Persian carpet. In regards to the serpentrio, for example, constrictor Good Jibia and Crotalus Rattlesnake durissus cascavela, in not being of ornament, some sufficiently dangerous, make it difficult the daily exchange that is made in alternated days not to estressar the animals, taking precautions themselves the development of the larvae, with the adopted procedure, informed for the employees of the Municipal Foundation of the Health that all monitor the year the incidence of the mosquito, among others areas, in the Park Zoobotnico de Teresina. We have in pautado for the professional responsibility and the determination of the Secretary of the Environment and Natural resources, Macambira Atomic mass unit, in the conduction of the handling of the wild animals, almost 300 nourished well, healthy specimens (of 70 species), some reproductive processes of threatened animals of extinguishing that zoological important of Brazil do not obtain. Fact: the reform, the revitalizao of the Park has urgency, the Plan of Handling, Managing Plan was concluded and definitively the problematic one of the Park will be decided, without amadorismo. The press fits the mission to inform, also to develop with the responsible institutions, the conscience of the perigos of the affection and the necessity of educating in them with simple measures to contain the indices that already become unacceptable. The distortion of the facts, substance of the journalist, case of the Zoobotnico, harms the great number of schools of the municipal and state public nets, of the private net that visit the Park weekly. Finally, nothing being proven for the Municipal Foundation of the Health, carried through inspection, we invite the journalist and the population in general to visit the Zoobotnico Park.

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