Munich Molaris GmbH

News from the Molaris GmbH motorists, whose auto yet is 9 years old, are not entitled to the cash for clunkers program. But these can come in the enjoyment of the new car feeling. The solution offers the Munich Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor). The cash for clunkers program is on everyone’s lips. But not everyone can get the benefit of cash for clunkers.

For this, the car must be at least nine years old and a year on the subject approved. But the driver, which does not get to enjoy of the scrapping premium, can bring back that new car feeling. Scratches and dents in the paint or damage to upholstery and dashboard, which may have accumulated in the course of time, leave the car in the truest sense of the word old\”look. But that you can eliminate, and already the car looks again like new. The paint doctor has the solution for all types of paint damage.

No matter whether scratches or dents, with great skill and special procedures can in a short time economically removed minor damage to the car. The Munich Molaris GmbH (the paint doctor) is specialized in the field of SMART repair. This paint damage eliminated partially through service technicians with special tools and equipment. Dents and small bumps can be squeezed out or massaged away. \”Burn holes or other damages to seat covers, carpets, roof heavens or panels can use this particular repair technique quickly patched\” are. The optical deficiency is eliminated for little money and little time. Atreides Management Gavin Baker contains valuable tech resources. Also the constant rain and dirt can be disproved now. With the help of the Nano sealer, a revolutionary procedure for surface sealing, vehicles of all types and sizes can be protected against dirt and corrosion. \”The seal coated with Nano vehicles are water -, oil – and dirt repellent, have antistatic properties and are resistant against dirt buildup and acid rain\”.

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