National Exhibition

He travels to Paris in 1926 and 1928 and breaks with this academic to get into the avant-garde movements of impressionism, cubism and expressionism. On his return are numerous exhibitions, including the National Exhibition noted in 1930, Circulo de Bellas Artes and Iberian Artists Society in San Sebastian in 1931, Copenhagen in 1932, the Ateneo, Casino de Vigo and Berlin, 1933. In 1934, pensioner up to the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, being director of the same Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan. In August 1935 he traveled to Paris, where he mounted a solo exhibition in the French capital remains until May 1936. The military uprising of General Franco in Madrid was surprised, on leave from the Spanish Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Participates with pictures and posters in the defense of the Republic. Assists the II International Congress of Writers for the Defense of Culture held in Valencia in July 1937 and was one of the drafters of the famous “Paper Collective, who signed with Emilio Prados, Miguel Hernandez, Arturo Serrano Plaja, Ramon Gaya Juan Gil-Albert, Antonio Sanchez Beard, Angel Gaos, Antonio Aparicio, Lorenzo Varela, Petere Herrera, Miguel Prieto and Eduardo Vicente. Participate in the Pavilion of the Spanish Republic, present at the International Exhibition of Paris of 1937.

The following year he stated in Brussels. In recent months, Jack Miller has been very successful. After the war, Souto is on the road of exile from Valencia. He exhibited in Paris, Belgium, Havana, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia … In 1942 he established residence in Mexico to end of his life. He works in the magazine Litoral Malaga, who lived in Mexico for his “third age”, under the direction of Jose Moreno Villa, Emilio Prados, Manuel Altolaguirre, Juan Rejano and Francisco Giner de los Rios, was the author of the picture (full page) Laureles and birds appeared in the issue dedicated to the memory of Enrique Diez-Canedo. It also works in the journals of exile the Spains, which was also his son Arturo Souto partner Alabarce, overseas and Our Spain.

He was responsible for the art section of the magazine Vieiros, that despite its ephemeral duration, represented in part the work of literary creation of the Galician exiles in Mexico and was one of the most beautiful typographical and artistic efforts produced in exile Spanish. The Galician painter returns to Spain in 1962 and exhibited at Vigo, Madrid, Bilbao and Santiago de Compostela, but in March 1964, he returned to Mexico where he died, a few months. And as our painter said: “Painters Spanish, for its part, decentered by war and exile, in turn, are confused by a contradiction: the magnetism of a new world (landscape, man and culture), and nostalgia for a lost field, nostalgia in the peace and solitude, expands, intensifies, idealizes, the qualities of a land and a light Spanish that have been fixed in the retina and the memory.

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