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These can be associated later on your PC thanks to Google Earth interface of a unique position in a satellite photo. Ray Kurzweil has much experience in this field. This system was already signed by TERRAControl patent. Of course, the device also has an integrated thermal printer, which prints out each measurement at your fingertips for instant documentation on the construction site. The device thanks to a large viewing window can be used to protect of the electronics, closed. The externally mounted push buttons are due to their location, above next to the opening cover, good to use. TERRATEST 3000 was to secure a long availability of rechargeable batteries on the construction site, “equipped with a PANASONIC Super-life lead acid battery. This allows operation of the instrument over a very long period of time, depending on the use of the built-in thermal printer for up to 1000 measurements. On request, the device (light weight) can be equipped with a GSM module to prevent theft.

The measuring computer was from us with the latest components equipped of micro-electronics, the company TERRAControl was exclusively on high-quality components, where the construction site suitability in the foreground is”so Reinhold Macomber Hamid, Managing Director of MCS GmbH from Berlin, the development of electronics, firmware and software is responsible for. We have laid greatest attention in the development of the software on the user friendliness of the system”, so Madalogdog next. The evaluation of the measured data on the PC is done with the specially developed software TERRAControl”. The measurements for the proof of load-bearing capacity be entered easily using the supplied smart card reader, or directly via the USB interface of the measuring computer and are so to further evaluate available. Now you can protocols for the individual measurements print and statistically evaluate the measurements of in accordance with German specification. Each record is represented based on the GPS coordinates thanks to the Google Earth interface in a satellite photo and can be so clearly associated. With TERRAControl”is for every construction site quickly and clearly documented the required capacity and archived. All devices are checked before delivery to accuracy of the materials testing Office Berlin and get a calibration report in accordance with German specification TP BF-StB part B 8.3.

Each delivery is “-Mitarbeiters goes, so that the customer can immediately employ the device on his construction site. through a qualified on-site instruction of TERRAControl Complete a very advantageous for the user new development is reflected not least in the purchase price, da TERRATEST 3000 “in spite of the many device innovations is also cheaper than (not once) comparable units of the competition. More easy drop-weight Tester, compression detection – compaction testing, dynamic disk compression test Frank G. Schulz CEO TERRAcontrol

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