Onion Soup Recipes

The onion soup recipes is not difficult to prepare and it will be excellent as input. It is best for cold days since it should be eaten very hot. Ingredients onion 1/2 unit butter 15 g (one tablespoon) chicken broth 600 cm3 (or the same amount of water and half bouillon cube) 15 g (tablespoon) flour bread – 4 slices cheese type gruyere 50 g onion salt pepper preparation Ciselar and take it to fire in a pot where must be melted butter. Cook over very low heat for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, toast the slices of bread (can be baguette, bread cutters, homemade bread, or others), and cut cheese into thin slices. Once the onion is transparent or already taking color dorado incorporate the flour and then the broth, which should be hot. Carried over high heat so that the mixture boils, and once that happens down to minimum and cook for 10 minutes.

Place a piece of toast on the bottom of an ovenproof Bowl, pour the soup on top (with pieces of onion) and above, floating, place another toast. Sprinkle all with laminated cheese and place in oven until it melts. This classic recipe of French cuisine is better serve very hot and accompany it with red wine.

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