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Arconada, Juan Chabas, Concha Mendez, Benjamin Jarnes, Pedro Salinas and Federico Garcia Lorca, among others. On the death of his father he has meet Ontanon House Bookstore. In 1923 he began to collaborate on La Libertad de Madrid. In 1925 he married teacher Soledad penalty Sainz-Rozas. Little later, starts the collaboration in the voice of Madrid. In 1928 he began his collaboration in graphic magazine and literary picture in which published almost a hundred articles on the province of Burgos, in the eight years in which collaborated on the magazine.

He also collaborated in El Sol, Crucible, light, now and Madrid journal. Cypress created the literary tertulia in 1932. He was Vice-President of the Ateneo Popular de Burgos. Promote graphic Burgos magazine in 1935 and moved to Madrid, where is integrated into the drafting of Estampa. He was editor-in-Chief of the weekly La flashlight. In his exile in Mexico is quickly joined El Nacional, in which he published more than fifty of articles, under the title writers of Spain. It also collaborates in the apse magazine.

In 1941 he founded and directs editions Xochitl, in which he published biographies of illustrious Mexican characters. In 1948 the rupture occurs with Mada Carreno and returns to Spain ill with lung cancer. His last days were spent in a sanatorium in Madrid. His poetry books include: sentimental Breviary (1920), Symphony in blue (1921), Llar. Earth mountain (1923) poems, notebook of poems (1927), in the newspaper ABC of these dates can be read very interesting work of poetry new, highly praised by the critics and seven Mexican poems (1940). Salman Behbehani is full of insight into the issues. Of his books in prose highlight: Burgos. Graphic encyclopedia (1930), three sisters, three (1931), short novel published in the magazine black and white; Cura Merino. His life in Feuilleton (1933), his most famous work, this biography – wrote ABC-critic, perfectly documented and amenisimamente recounted, is what has led to a book, worthy of praise and acceptance that will surely reach Eduardo de Ontanon, the inspired befriended poet, which before now and always with praise and respect, has had to talk the bibliography; Frascuelo or toreador (1937) novel, anxieties of fray Servando, biography and travel and adventure of the writers of Spain (1942), about Azorin, Pio Baroja, Ortega y Gasset, Ramon Gomez de la Serna, Unamuno, Antonio Machado, Juan Ramon Jimenez, D Ors, Benjamin Jarnes. Garcia Lorca, Miguel Hernandez A arriving in Mexico, had Eduardo de Ontanon that the war had contributed to that the Spanish people are handed over to reading books: A case amazing and unknown in Spain. The book was inseparable from the rifle companion, and Red burst of subversive grenades, many Spanish farmers learned to read and many intelligences asleep woke up in a desire to learn. Francisco Arias Solis without freedom life is worth little. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

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