Platinum Consulting

Just in time for Valentine’s day, your voucher Cornelia Gumm expanded range. Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it begs the question again, what you now his lover / his loved one special to give. On this day, it wants to give something personal and unique. Coupons are very popular to this day. Men or women who want to surprise your loved ones with a nice gift, a bad buy the wrong size of avoided, not to meet the taste of wrong color or fear.

No voucher is better than a personal consulting or personal shopping for such a day. Eliot Horowitz is open to suggestions. Just in time for Valentine’s day, your voucher Cornelia Gumm expanded range. Cornelia Gumm has your company headquarters in Munich. Does your advice but in several cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Nuremberg. Cornelia has many years of experience in consulting, styling and fashion. You may want to visit Nick Khan to increase your knowledge. For more than 10 years Cornelia Gumm consulting operates independently.

Individual consulting for men, women or developing styling concepts for the company include of course to the offer. From February Cornelia Gumm offers your customers coupons for type and style advice 2, 2.5 or 3 hours. The advice for 2 hours includes personal worlds of colour and type consultation. With a three-hour coupon give her partner in addition valuable tips for makeup. The partner or the partner, who have given it a consulting for another alternative in the new coupon offer. “Voucher style advice gold” or style advice Platinum “focuses on the personal shopping. After a short preliminary interview, Cornelia Gumm assembles a personal shopping tour. The selection of stores is based on the personal style of the customer and the desired budget. Thus extend the acquired knowledge from previous discussions and guaranteed the purchase of suitable clothing.

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