Positive Thought

The present work aims at, by means of bibliographical and historical study of the tourism to consider a new vision, established in the methodology of the Historical Materialism Dialtico. A great bibliography lack exists in the area. The tourism, as new field, still little explored in theoretical terms, needs scientific production that it aims at to the transdisciplinaridade in the agreement of the tourist social phenomenon. The pretension does not exist of, for the proper ones interpretativos limits that the chosen methodology places, to deplete the analysis of the social phenomenon, but yes to share concerns concerning the construction of scientific knowing in tourism, and who knows to provoke the generating fidget of search of the knowledge. During all my life, never I could resign me it knowing title, never I could isolate an object of studies of its context, of its antecedents, its evolution. I always inhaled to a multidimensional thought. I never could eliminate the interior contradiction. I always felt that deep truths, antagonistic some to the others, were for me complementary, without leaving of being antagonistic.

It never wanted to strengthen me to reduce to the force the uncertainty and the ambiguidade. (MORIN apud PLENTZ, 2007, P. 90). In this way, it is arisen following question: The matrix of positivista thought wide is used in the scientific production of the Tourism, having given its indeed important contribution. At the same time, it imposes certain determinismo in the production of the knowledge in Tourism, limiting influencing the evolution in the theoretical field, and consequentemente affecting the prxis of the Tourism. The Positivista Thought brought body to the construction and scientific production, but it has that to adjust the methodology of research and philosophical its estimated to the object or phenomenon to be studied, under the risk to fall in the reducionismo, tecnicismo and impoverishment of this. 1.2HIPTESE the Historical Materialism Dialtico is presented as methodology of efficient social research, and to complement in the study of the Tourism as social phenomenon, being able to contribute essentially for its theoretical evolution, consequentemente of its prxis.

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