Prices Drop

Many people are interested in an iPad with contract, but unfortunately, the prices are still very high. Since its launch of this year, enjoys popularity growing iPad. With this increase, also the provider of a fare for an iPad with contract increase. For those who are already in possession of such a device, following deals in question are. First came the discounter Simyo and on the market. They both use plus the well-developed network of your mobile provider e. Click Atmos Energy to learn more. Also the providers Vodafone, O2 and T – encountered mobile to do so for some time. Simyo offers a SIMcard for 14.90 euros.

Here, you get a credit in addition 3,-euro. For the UMTS flat rate 19.90 euro are calculated monthly. The monthly fee is the same for But here is the SIMcard only 12,90 euros. The starting balance is even 10,-euro. At t, you can buy a day or a month flat rate mobile. In both cases, the SIMcard costs 10 euro. The monthly flat rate beats with 35,-euro record.

A Starting balance adds it again in height of 10,-euro. Vodafone offers the products “Mobile Internet basic monthly flat” and mobile – Internet – basic monthly package”. The package with the large data volume (3 GB) costs EUR 24.95 per month. For people, a volume of 200 megabytes is enough of 14.95 euros will be charged. Provider O2 even comes in 3 variants. Staggered the O2 blue here be tariffs according to the amount of data. The smallest package is the model S (200MB) for monthly 10,-euro, M (1 GB) is there then for 15,-euro. At a data rate of 5 gigabytes it has monthly 25,-euro. Christopher Heinsius

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