Private Individual Entrepreneurs

Since I am writing this article mainly for private individual entrepreneurs in the field of electronic commerce, which are constantly forced themselves into the first time and engage in production and admin, this recommendation will help to better understand why so many business admin and addictive they are left with very little effort and time to production. Admin is a secondary activity, which helps manufacturing and sales to improve and expand. Admin is uncreative work, which requires every day and often the same type of routine operations. So if you do the admin, I always keep it in the afternoon, or highlights some days in the week, you will deal only with the admin (raking mail, payments, the answer to any questions in the forums for advertising activities, to communicate with clients on research on partner benefits, etc.) But if you decide today do some kind of production, we will never start a day with the administrative work! Why is this so? Because production – is a creative process that requires much effort from you, good mood and optimal state of your mind. You need to be collected and vzbalomucheny, you should not have anything distracting. It is in this form, you can easily and quickly do something and be happy, not with an effort to complete their creative cycles. But should you start dealing with the admin, as you come down on the weight of various communication and you many will try to put out, you will have a lot of different things that rob you have enough powerful charge energy and often nerve.

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