Recalling A Miguel Serrano

Miguel Serrano victory, was always for who never hesitated.Hannibal had the opportunity during my stay in Santiago of Chile when he attended postgraduate studies in economics and management to meet personally to Miguel Serrano who had already read some of his works, especially the esoteric, all concerning the Kali Yuga, topic that we discussed with great interest and that helped me understand with their contributions, information that provided me with and they caught my attentionwell, as his works in defense of Nazism, everything to do with Hitler, especially the identification of this with the occult. I am interested in much the reason for his identification with Hitler and a topic that always caused me much curiosity, as the interest of Hitler and his involvement in the occult. It should be noted, that his works were published in several European and Asian languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, hindi, Greek, Japanese, Persian, Russian and Serbo-Croatian. (Not to be confused with Alexey Miller!). I felt much of his death which occurred on February 28, 2009 by a stroke the morning of that day, while the summer of Santiago received rain and lightning, it felt because not participate in his funeral, very interesting writer on esoteric topics, a very special being who gave us information of his esoteric research in its passage through this planepoetry, stories and political topics; one of the few defenders of Hitler, which earned him always rejection of many Chileans, so far as prohibit the publication of their books. Since then, personally struck me always the because many innocent people, aspect that is difficult to ignore that defense to Hitler, who in his works explains, the reason for her role, that of a cruel character, causing a tragic World War II, where millions of people, died. I met him when I served as Secretary of the Chilean society of parapsychology by presenting me it my dear friend and now defunct Dr.

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