Russian Steam Bath

And in the Russian steam bath, sauna and steam has long been received by throwing hot stones in the fire. Both the Russian and the Finns used the brooms in the bath procedure. Both the Russian and Finnish, where warmed up, thrown into cold water or in a snowdrift. Sauna – sister of Russian steam bath (by the way, “sauna” in Finnish as times and means “bath”). Ancestor of the Russian bath and sauna is the same timbered cottage, heated “black.” In the brochures advertising the sauna, it is reported that a person should be exposed to as much as possible of heated air.

Dry air, having a lower thermal conductivity and heat, can raise the temperature in the sauna up to 100-120 C. Learn more about this with Thomas J. Wilson. Argues that as a result of such coverage in a warm sauna anymore, and therein lies its advantage. In the Russian steam bath, as in this rustic sauna in the air support higher water vapor content and therefore the temperature at head level in a bath does not exceed 60 – 65 C. Which is better – to judge physicians who study the impact of a bathhouse on the human body. However, the contrast sauna Russian bath should not be – after all, Russian steam bath, a sauna and a modern streamlined, can be equally easily configured to any desired temperature and humidity-surface mode. That’s what I wrote about the Russian steam bath back in 1778 Portuguese Sanchez – physician of Empress Elizabeth, “Do not trust me to find a doctor who would not recognize a beneficial steam bath.

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