Shared Values

Values must be clear, shared and accepted by all members and levels of the organization, achieving a unified approach to compact and strengthen their interests. The internalization of values implies that the individual identifies with the organization. The importance of value lies in forming motivator of human behavior and actions, define the fundamental and definitive character of the organization, creating a sense of personal identity with it, considered by some authors (16) that identify and reproduce attitudes and ideas found in the very foundations of cultural dynamics and social life. Values are explicit in the will of the founders of the organization, the records of incorporation and the formalization of the mission and vision. Therefore, in recent years speaks of the Securities Division, but the success and usefulness of leading by values (not values) is to ensure that they are really shared, or what is the same as determined with the widest possible participation and disseminated, discussed and are convinced that all the values that must be fought. CONCLUSION Culture is the customary or traditional way of thinking and doing things, shared in varying degrees by members of the organization. Determines the functionality, is reflected in strategies, structures and systems established over years of operation, identifying with dynamical systems.

The values are generated by the culture of the organization, so it can be changed, the effect of continuous learning of its members, so they are enforceable and taken into account in the evaluation and development of such personnel to be the motor behavior organization. Organizational culture and values play an undeniable role in the organizations with the phenomenon of survival, adaptation, transformation and growth because it facilitates decision making, motivation, cooperation and commitment. BIBLIOGRAPHY. 1 .- Minsal Perez D, Perez Rodriguez Y. Towards a new organizational culture: the culture of knowledge.

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