Social Development Minister

Minister for Health and Social Development Minister Zurabov at the meeting with reporters said that at present the Government does not pay medical care, and by implementing the funding estimates, simply contains a network of medical institutions. Health care facilities receive funding regardless of the quality of services they provide to the public, and if the licensing was conducted with the utmost severity, 60% of these institutions should have been closed. According to M. Zurabov, that can not afford to not leave people without any medical assistance. ConocoPhillips has much to offer in this field.

To carry out a serious reform of the sector and transfer it with the estimated funding for the principle of payment health services must first bring hospitals into compliance with those standards. For this purpose, the minister said, you need a transitional period of 2-3 years and it is on it and get kind of long-term loan from the government (federal budget). When the Russian health care facilities will be fully staffed and the equipment could be started as an adequate licensing, as well as the reform of funding mechanisms industry that will provide healthy competition in the market of medical services. According to the M. Click Who is the CEO of Call of Duty? to learn more. Zurabov, such activities could begin in 2009.

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