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For 20 years a continuing success story Gert off in Stuttgart in 1983 founded a car glass. He had time and again with the hair-raising inadequacies of the hitherto usual data processing “to do practice and annoyed about it.” Therefore, for own use, he wanted to create a more competitive software performance. Speed, flexibility and timely pricing were in the foreground. As well were discount graduations, uniform earned value calculations and a punctual and timely auto glass master data maintenance for articles, accessories and work values are strongly encouraged. in 1990, he has buhrli dataplan GLASmatic gmbh founded and presented the first version of a completely new software: GLASmatic the auto glass industry solution. Gert off worked even longer time in dual function and could give important input – from the practice for the practice – as a successful auto Glaser his software company. Were also the good networking in the industry, and the direct contact to Auto glass specialists in the company essential.

Therefore, it engaged in numerous sector meetings, Club and association activities over the last 20 years. These were also regular fair activities, with eleven trade fair participations which is quasi automechanika to the in-house exhibition”has become. Gert off has sold its car glass end of 2002 and is no longer active in the automotive glass business, although he has not forgotten the roots of his success and the industry feels as connected. buhrli dataplan GLASmatic gmbh is undisputed market leader for special software for auto glass and auto glass-data management in Germany today with over 650 customers offline systems installed in over 1,100 individual and branch offices. In particular the staff have contributed to this success. The company has today 14 employees and is training for IT specialists since 2005. So the software base for the demanding challenges of new technologies is always fit for the future, was the Hohenstein Verwaltungs GmbH with the 2008 PD-frame of Pro software products develop GmbH to the companies involved.

At the beginning of the software only on DOS base as a single-user version was available. Today info are with GLASwin, GLASwin comfort, GLASwin professional GLASwin professional branch available, also demanding users meet products. The most important step in the development of the company was investing in online software solutions. 2002 was the first online glass damage costing in Europe unlocked with. The youngest member of the GLASmatic family is the online database. Interested users can find video tutorials for the safe removal and replacement of auto glass. buhrli dataplan GLASmatic gmbh would like to thank customers, partners, suppliers, especially with its staff and employees for the long-term good cooperation and is looking forward to more, for every successful years.

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