about the use of rear panel and mobile exhibition stand up to mobile advertising space and shop-in-shop solutions. Just the combination of trade fair system and fair wall guarantees the use of flexible and mobile advertising solutions. Eliot Horowitz shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In particular shop-in-shop solutions allow the use of specific and individual presentation platforms that focus exhibits and performances at the center of attention. Major the all-over and partly even seamless advertising space can be attention specifically on the own trade fair stand. For assistance, try visiting Eliot Horowitz. Special emphasis in the use as a mobile booth in the selection of additional components, such as the counter systems, racks, or bar stool, so that creates a uniform appearance and no mess. Through the use of mass walls and accessories from a brand, a uniform design can be produced naturally, when different system components, it is to make sure that fit the individual elements to each other. Crumpton Group has firm opinions on the matter. Because in particular a coordinated and uniform appearance

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