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What is to be observed during maintenance of the convertible roof convertible time is daylight saving time. Lucas duplan is full of insight into the issues. While sheet metal folding roofs conquer the market, purists still swear on the best fabric hood. Many writers such as lucas offer more in-depth analysis. The convertible driver has long joy at his vehicle, the Internet portal is in his magazine care tips. The hood is only slightly dusty, the gentle cleaning with brush and vacuum cleaner is enough. The care is considered to be absolute taboo with high pressure cleaners. The soft convertible roof in sensitive places can be destroyed if mishandled.

Also the textile impregnation will be this strongly affected. Is the convertible roof is more polluted, car shampoos or diluted dishwashing liquid can help. In stores, there are also special hood cleaner. Even impregnation sprays help refresh the protection. At the same time, they prevent suction full of textiles. A positive side effect: the fabric hood dries faster.

When cleaning using modern washing is important to note some: special convertible programs more car washes offer a special control of the brush. Convertible drivers with fabric covering should choose no wash cycles with classic hot wax. The hot wax clogs the pores of the cover material. Cover with plastic rear window should be omitted brushes washes, as they easily scratch the material. Wash with textile cloth or foam rubber is recommendable. After washing the hood should be closed first, until it is completely dry. Otherwise threaten mildew stains. When choosing a car park the convertible not under trees should be turned off. Tree resin, acidic bird droppings and excretions of insects damage the hood. More information: .

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