Disadvantages Open A Profile On Facebook

People are using the Internet, more than ever, to socialize with others through online communities like Facebook, Friendster, and MySpace. And although these digital communities offer certain advantages for their use, come with many disadvantages too. In addition, a number of improvements can be made to these online communities to improve their deficiencies. We summarize different positions of the argument as to whether a digital community like this is good or bad, or more precisely, convenient or not. FaceBook users generally love it because it allows them to search for new and old friends, high security characteristics as may be available only to students of certain universities, users feel less uncomfortable when communicating with people, can used as a dating service is easy to meet people with similar interests through groups and provides information. Learn more about this with Harry Blackmun. But unfortunately it is not only positive points.

Some users lose interest to easily realize what the site is saturated, and because they feel that the relationships are less strong start because they are not supported by physical proximity, and this contributes to the delay in making decisions, if only it decisions on whether or not they will be in person or over trivial matters as if they go to banquets at Manresa restaurant, or in Barcelona. Other users complain that they or people around them have become addicted to FaceBook, spend hours each day in this virtual community and, therefore, have neglected the interpersonal relationships in the real world. They also complain that they could be victims of someone trying to abuse them in any way, or even committing a crime against you even if you do go through supposed "friends" on FaceBook, and to make matters worse, this term is used to catalog even the most unknown known. On the other hand, many users complain that the frequent and almost exclusive use of brief and short messages on FaceBook works against all deep and genuine communication, and not to mention spelling and grammatical forms, which are left virtually ignored in this type of short communications. It has become clear that, anyway, yes there is a balance between the advantages and disadvantages of online communities like FaceBook: FaceBook while increasing connectivity between users and allows people with online profiles to keep in touch with old friends, Facebook also increases the likelihood of some delays in the relationship and users become more prone to cyber stalking. But despite the advantages and disadvantages, one thing is clear: online communities like Facebook are quickly gaining in popularity and will continue to do so and will be on top for a while. With over 20,000 students that join Facebook every day, this website makes us think about whether it is a fad, which by the way takes several years, or if your stay is short, as with messaging communities such as instant AOL. Time will tell.

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