Consider as Cardenas said, that every human being has the right to be who they are and say what he thinks and feels. When this is done ensures the most assertive respect for others and for oneself. An assertive style of behavior can peacefully and effectively communicate and what should be our own position and provide information on how we would like others to act in the future. A good assertiveness ensures group cohesion, sense of belonging, respect, productivity. The lack of assertiveness in the workplace influences quite significantly, the fact never receive a raise, or a recognition, to losing the confidence of your superiors or other co-workers, because of indecision and wrong judgments and behavior Assertiveness helps job as a technique to communicate and in turn change the behavior and thinking of others through negotiation correctly. Therefore, the person who addresses a situation assertively is more likely to reach a satisfactory solution not only for herself but for those involved is too much emphasis on who is actually the Decalogue of assertiveness: I have the right to be my judge. I have the right to make mistakes and run with my own consequences and responsibilities.

I have the right to change my mind. I have the right not to make excuses or explanations for my behavior. I have the right to decide whether or not for me to solve a problem of another person. I have the right to behave contrary to the logic (plurality opinion). I have the right to act independently of the goodwill of others. I have a right to say I do not know … I have a right to say I do not understand …

I have a right to say I do not care … Conclusion is not surprising comment that being assertive is something we can all learn and improve. The impact of increased assertiveness leads to increased self-respect and improvement of our social status. It is difficult to "realize" or accept that we are little assertive or passive or aggressive. The modern manager must be always alert to anything that undermines the organizational behavior of the business climate should begin by acknowledging that he is part of problem. Second must resort to new ways of doing things, new ways to lead his team to understand you no longer need protection because it will not be punished for his mistakes, but you will be rewarded for their efforts and successes. Third, the manager should be more self-awareness to identify the characteristics of his personal style that limit the development of themselves and their peers and also identify the characteristics of their personal style most beneficial to their development and personal growth, learning also take advantage of those skills to help their colleagues and peers to get the best out of themselves. The leadership style would be outlined as a participatory and assertive, where the manager can distinguish the moments discriminating situations and issues where it can be more democratic and moments and aspects which should be more centralized and authoritarian. Without falling into contradictions, but managing the complexity and ambiguity present in the workplace and in business management

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