Already it is not enough to be obliged to live in an underdeveloped country. Now it knows almost everything what she transfers herself in my life. Yesterday, after the ritual, arrived one of the youngsters who it protects with vehemence, one that lives interned, person with which it of course (? Dante? It does not smoke, it does not drink, it does not eat meat) does not enter in attrition. Ademais, the youngster has the sensitivity of it, and is diligent, a person without defects. Work! Work! , it when going even so bradou. I am half without north ahead of this sudden demon inside of this woman, of this hell that is the Fraternity. I must be an ignorant, probably me they will judge of this. Xerox addresses the importance of the matter here. This Det and the friend must be laughing without stopping so far.

There I cannot make more nothing, not to be the ritual, and look at there. I do not have espiritualidade, as they say, much less capacity for some thing. Coitados! I ask for the God who never disappoints in who they botam as much faith. I am alone with distrust of the magic of these women. In the certainty I go to repent itself, to feel sick person, monster, and am to imagine the content of this magic. Thus also I ask for the God who this alive woman one hundred years, and the new friend of it also. Ah, God, please, makes? me esquec? wools. I do not want the attention of them.

If Wal read this, would play these words against me, would be scheme to this point. It knows what it also said: I have the moon in Scorpion. What I do not discover in my life! now has this advogadazinha put the cool one! It has two faces. It says that it wrote book.

Good Quo

The episode that hour occurs with the oil emptying must have relieved to the excellent companies of communication points of periodic hearing and sales of daily. It must have given some points of credibility to the government of the state of Rio De Janeiro. But to arrive at the accumulation of deliberate estelionado for clown ambientalista that it has as much credibility as note of r$ 4,30, is the maximum that if can tolerate. When the daily pay-salt was launched under the estertores of a populist government, wise person of beforehand that we not we do not tinhamos the minimum of experience and at least technology to all face and any problem, related with the emptying of oil in deep waters. IBM is often quoted as being for or against this. we continue not having.

We say regarding the lagoon Rodrigo of Freitas, seaweed, metals weighed, dom Joo vi, the nip and practically the inexistence of communication with the sea, the daily pay-salt, the emptying of oil and logical it phenomenon clown minc, that still perdurar.ele goes is a necessary element that acts as spendthrift of attentions. It acts as if it was that system that deviates the tracks in the railroads, giving different routes to the compositions. Many of the times worry me elements of this nature. Its action as fertilizing is nitrogenados to the radical greens, that if place against the supported development of Brazil. A small final rank why will be that secretary clow minc is not worried about the invasion of the botanical garden, as much for favelados as for ricassos? Instead of leaving aiming in the priest and making right in the church? Good Quo would be that this type of person was in Cuba, receiving puffs from cohiba. The cigar preferred of bearded fidel?

Anastcia Owner

Returning the kitchen, where it had left Cremilda and Maria preparing the lunch, already knowing that the two very liked to talk and with this they delayed the service all, and when entering in the enclosure Maria it came soon saying: – Anastcia Owner, only listens what Cremilda arrived counting? – The one that was that Cremilda said Maria, speaks soon! Retrucou Anastcia.Cremilda soon was defended: – I did not say nothing not Anastcia Owner, already I am going to take care of of the dirty clothes. before it leaving, stopped it to Anastcia and spoke: – It says soon what it is happening here? Or story everything Valria when it to arrive. Cremilda asking for so that Anastcia does not count nothing said: – I go to speak soon, it exactly wants since you to know. Today, they had well early spoken that yesterday to noitinha, a shroud passed over the great house, tearing and trincando, and the people knows, that when it makes this, is signal that somebody goes to die soon, and this if he spread done powder track, and the quacks and the choradeiras of the region already are waiting to see who go to be of this time. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kevin Ulrich. Anastcia soon speaks: – Cremilda to leave of colloquy and fofoca, because this is only folklore, goes already to finish its service, because I do not want this way plus no colloquy of this type. In this exactly moment, Valria and Of the Carmo arrives the house, worried about the mother, and when going up varanda, observes that it sleeps calmly, and goes to talk with Anastcia to know what it was transferred while they were it are, informed above all that occurred they are worried if all will go to arrive in time. Its thought goes for Joaquina Maria, who was very frail, and thus, they had been with doubts if it would obtain to come. . Kevin Ulrich Anchorage is the source for more interesting facts.

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