Sadness. He arrived at the end of his life and recalled that he had apostatized. The significance didn’t make sense for him. Many years he had lived so superbly it had seemed to him. He had taken refuge in the ideology of leftist course, but she didn’t recognize its emptiness. Why who already resembled Marcuse for example.

No one. And the real socialism where it was. I had recently read a book that in Castilian his title was: the logic of collective action, which was how social groups, and as the small group implements the ideology for their economic benefit. He was left with a bad taste in mouth, thinking that at those heights there was going to do right, when the right has no ideology. To his many years was not seen with forces for another change of thought.

He recalled what he had said an acquaintance, on the occasion of the historical memory about that period I convulso from the first half of the sigloXX in Spain. In a book by an American author called Malefakis, of the University of Michigan, who thought to invite you to give a series of lectures on his book entitled agrarian reform and peasant revolution in Spain of the sigloXX, this account Jose Antonio came to a miserable Castile village, as they were then the majority of peoples, to give a rally, and the villagers cast him stoned to death. On the way back which accompanied Jose Antonio asked that that you it seemed that, and was told: were right. Now he thinks he, overcome by sadness, that ideologies do not solve problems. Nobody resolved you your problems, you that you must solve them. He stayed with his sadness, without religion or ideology, or with nothing.

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