Matt Technique

There are many techniques that you can use to paint the walls, since only give color to many different decorative finishes. Details can be found by clicking Adrian Holmes or emailing the administrator. Both the color and the decorative technique we apply renew environment radically. Among the different decorative techniques: gouache as its name suggests the painting will take a large amount of water, thus obtaining a painting translucent with little consistency. Gets a wash paint effect. Then prepare the surface and apply the first hand with satin paint Matt the same color chosen for washed paint and let dry (base on which applies gouache), prepare the aguada in a ratio of equal parts of paint and water. The application of the painting is done with a broad brush and shaped uneven.

Important: must be a wall at once so there are no brands among different areas and then you can apply one coat of varnish cutback to set and get the wear resistance. Fluff this painting technique is applied by tapping on the surface with a sponge. Allows you to achieve an optical effect of depth and volume. You must prepare the wall, give first hand with Matt satin paint or paint to the water and let dry. Prepare the fluff paint diluted with a little water. Wet the sponge, drain and apply onto the wall (should not drip after applying it) is an easy technique because the imperfections of your application pass you desapercibas and gives a distinct environments decoration. Mopping the mopping technique consists of applying paint with a brush and then extend it with crumpled rag.

It is recommended when the surface has imperfections and allows the implementation of different types of paints (water or oily). Two people are needed to perform the procedure, one that you paint with brush and the other spread with the cloth. Ideal for paint as a couple! With brush to apply this technique, you must wet the brush with paint and slap against another dry so that it splashed on the wall.

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