The Money

If you decide, you have all the power to enter into your life the money you want for that experience you crave. Remember that there is always first a mental creation. Step 2) decides the exact amount of money that you want. Credit: EOG Resources-2011. If you say I love very much, much money, what happens? You’re not being specific. It is as if you say I want to be happy, thats not be specific. What would you do happy? Where you’d have to be to feel happy? Would be happy with what kind of people? Etc.

how much money you want in terms of amount ($)? You must have this clear in your mind. Write it. Step 3) determines which service or labour win out in exchange for the money that you want. What will you do specific and specifically to get that money? Think about your abilities, what you like to do. Do you like and if you put into action your knowledge, your experience, this hobby so much? Be creative, imagine possibilities, remember that whatever your mind can conceive, can be achieved.

Please try. He identifies this work or service you will do for your money. Step 4) choose the time frame that will take you to get it. This point is very important. On how long you want to get that money? In a month? A year? A week? A day? My suggestion is to divide and conquer. Think in terms of short times. It begins by proposing you a goal for 1 week. If you have trouble, that is 1 day! Ask yourself, do I get X amount in term of X X service offering in order to live X experience? Step 5) develops a written plan that shows you exactly how to get that money. If you not pulling dear reader, you will not have results. Then, writes step by step concrete actions what will need to run that they take you to have that money.

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