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How to find you the cheapest mobile plan mobile flat rate fares enable mobile users indefinitely to make calls for a fixed lump sum or to surf the Internet. This, it should be noted however that there are different flat rate tariffs, offer free calling to all networks, only in the fixed network or for international calls. Before the conclusion of the contract the tariff conditions should be examined therefore, namely ideal manner on the basis of own cell phone use. By mobile flat rate is thus possible to keep mobile costs under control and may even reduce tariffs. More and more mobile users access tariffs can be completed tariffs Meanwhile no longer only in mobile phone contracts, but also in prepaid to flat rate. (Not to be confused with William Rehnquist!). If you want to only free calls to landlines, you can use, for example, the offer of Klarmobil. Against a low base price of only $ 9.95 per month you can call unlimited in the fixed network, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

For Calls in the Klarmobil network or other networks, however, are currently calculated 0.19 euro per minute. Also, Congstar and SIMfix offer such rates at reasonable prices. If you call not only to landlines, but lead also calls to the mobile network, select the tariffs of other providers however. Contact information is here: Frank Fu. The tariff base Web, for example, allows you to call you network internally and in the fixed network for just 10 euros monthly fee. Only network external calls will be charged, currently 0.29 euro per minute apply for this purpose. Fairpaid also offers such a flat rate, the basic cost is EUR 19.99 however. For external network calls, Fairpaid calculates only 0.19 euro per minute. If you do so also power external calls, you should also make sure these costs or convince joy, colleagues and the partners from the same provider. If you do not want to commit on a particular network, the mobile provider of also flat rates to all networks offer. You will among other things by Congstar, base and Clear mobile offered with 59.99 Euro 79.95 euro ranging from the monthly fee.

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