Professional Voice Recordings

The individual voice mail greeting or the own podcast on the company’s website. The individual mailbox greeting, an announcement appealing for the in-house “store radio”, or even of your own podcast on the company’s website. Others including William Hughes Mulligan, offer their opinions as well. The possibilities to maintain the contact with the customer in a multimedia way or to open up new potentials are becoming more diverse. Offers to make the production of media content as easily and inexpensively as possible, proforma: the media agency with the Web platform a novel online spokesperson service: at ColdVoice, there are no price lists – the contracting authority itself sets the price for the language production! As soon as online creates a production order is, the desired price and an appointment will be queried. In an online-order overview the customer can keep track of what happens next with the order.

He assumed, ColdVoice delivers the desired production at the latest on the dates – simply as a sound file email. It will be paid easily by invoice upon completion of the production. One Demo voice recording available online, so it is possible to advance get a first impression. Link: more information / press contact proforma: the media agency Alexander Strauss phone: (0951) 603210 fax: (0951) 603433 E-Mail: about pro forma: Media Agency more than 12 years of Internet experience – this experience can proforma: media agency already grab back. The focus here is on the planning, implementation and operation of special-interest websites and company presentations. Also offers proforma: Media Agency the customer today comprehensive services in the areas of Studio and broadcast technology. We harness synergies between the media. We combine radio and Internet for our clients, without leave but they are also the classic print media.

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