Holistic Education

Proceeds from bitter experiences in which man has not ceased to be a wolf to man, we have reached such an extreme where life is at stake for all and the entire planet, a situation that can only be solved through a culture of peace, harmony and non violence, so we have to fight a conscious and responsible to have a life worth living. Will guide our steps along the path of universal love. BASE EDUCATION The educational base of holistic education is mainly in the books: The Education of the Heart, A Comprehensive View of Education, Holistic Education and Pedagogy of Universal Love. learning communities, multiple intelligences, learning styles, epistemological pluralism, holistic curriculum, transdisciplinarity, integrated society, integrity, dialogue holistic, integral practice, compassion, spirituality These are the twelve principles that underpin the holistic education, sufficiently addressed This first book on "education of the heart." In both its content and what brings in the work of Ramon Gallegos, consider this book as a basic work to understand the direction of holistic education. To know more about this subject visit Bill Schaller. Another major works is the holistic education Book: A Comprehensive View of Education. First, this work illustrates an era that is ending and another is to come, being the present time, the right time of transition, which is why there is talk of the XXI century education, whose tendency is towards integrity, to spirituality in all fields of human experience, then that in the twentieth century was the centrality of science, in the s. XIX, industry, and in the eighteenth century it was the policy. . Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steve Houghtaling on most websites.

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