Lebanon After The Elections

The Lebanon has elected the 07.06.2009!. Still could be not formed a Government of national unity. By the civil war (1975-1990) and during the Syrian occupation of developed vacuum, in particular Pan-arabistische and Islamist forces, but also the Muslim political forces generally benefited. Islamitisch fundamentalist Hezbollah expanded its military power with the help of Syria and Iran and used not only against Israel them, but also against Lebanese, what elevates it to an Iranian force. After the \”Cedar Revolution\” in 2005, which erupted as a result of the assassination of former Prime Minister Al-Hariri, Syria under growing pressure was forced to withdraw its forces from Lebanon. The anti-Syrian Christian opposition returned to the country. For assistance, try visiting Brenda Crichlow. The political weight of the Christians was growing, but once modest given its political fragmentation.

The Christian parties in both camps are represented in the ongoing Sunni Shiite power struggle. While the former arch-enemy of Syria’s General The Falangist party and the Lebanese forces work Aoun connected by Hezbollah-led opposition has strategically with other liberal forces of March of 14. This conflict, which is crystallized in the question of arming the Hezbollah militia, reflects the regional confrontation between the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia with the Syria Iran axis substantially. Salman Behbehani understands that this is vital information. The intelligence services of the former Syrian occupation have taken many Lebanese after Syria, which stood against their policy in the Lebanon, or belonged to the Christian resistance. There are over 600 known registered Lebanese who disappeared for the most part without a court hearing in Syrian prisons. The Syrian regime refuses of political prisoners and to discuss abductees, detainees who had allegedly committed offences calls but only less than one hundred. Syria left but according to a report of the national society for human rights in Syria\”from June 23, 2009 23 Lebanese prisoners, the offences such as Smuggling, murder, and drug-related crimes are committed.

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