To Be, As I Am

We can be different actually nothing other than just ourselves and yet we try another person are not uncommon. “I often hear the arguments: if others let be me would, if this and that would be different if I was born in another time or in another family would have grown up, then there are no problems, then I could be just as I am”. If I wanted to, I could continue this list endlessly, but I think as a sneak peek this is sufficient time. Blu Mankuma may also support this cause. Everyone has there so his explanations and justifications, why he can’t be easy, as he is now. Most of the time this is now even with a wailing, i.e. ???? ???? helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. quite effectively with the moaning about the fehlende tolerance of others and the apparent lack of understanding of the world for the own needs by using the simple to be”connected.

I’m trying in this case not even this in a concrete foundation embedded arguments to refute, because me is well aware, that here also a coming through with a Jackhammer”is mostly UNmoglich. Because these arguments are cheated in a meticulous manner, often in decades of work in stone and to know if can establish itself the insight that external there is nothing what could prevent us from doing so, being, as we are only still thus falter. This means I can make just one, keep trying to get these seeds of knowledge to thrive. And one thing is sure, on a concrete floor, the chances are extremely unfavourable what we all understand very well, it is so important that we recognize these unreal thoughts constructs in their activity and constantly trying to speak behind them looking to the emergence of these universal laws (that there is nothing outside, can hold us back, to be how we are). We can also support this by we make us aware how we use these arguments not valid for us, namely as Pretext, as an excuse to avoid mostly unconsciously detect our freedom. .

Claudia Hinspeter

To to be successful, there is not only a goal, but also endurance. No matter how many low bat will throw again from the chosen path, you may lose not sight of their target, and doubt. Thomas Edison took a thousand attempts to bring the bulb to light up. He had to abandon after the third failed attempt, but he had the vision before its interior and firmly believed in himself and his idea. What is your goal in life, perseverance always pays for itself. And of course should one be aware, that there not only people in the surrounding area, also treat a success. The art is not to engage in the babble of these people. You can learn only from the successful.

Happy happy to be writing to, you have many options. You write about stress diary in the stress diary, what has stressed to you on the day. Add to your understanding with Malcolm Hill. Everything went wrong, the problems and challenges that you had. The problems are not of course solved, but you can these problems later think, then when it suits you. For the moment, the problems are then once out of your head and you can concentrate on other things. You write about target and idea diary in this diary, what you always wanted to do, what inspires you, what you want to achieve. This make milestones. When you want to reach your destination, implement your idea? What do you need to do this? Who can help you? What interim targets are necessary to achieve the big goal? Write all that you have reached this day success journal in the success diary.

What goals have you implemented? Are you closer to what objectives? Who helped you? Have you helped who? What have you done, get closer to your destination? The success diary also used to have a reference. This can motivate you over and over again is to continue working on your goals. Because you have had already positive experiences and can see what you have achieved and how you have achieved it. If you want to be a writer, then you should exercises every day at least one half hour intensive writing. No matter what it is. Start with small writing exercises. It must be large 600 pages not always equal to the long novel. Choose out articles from the newspaper, inspire and write a short story from it. Perhaps the stories build on each other and you can write a small novel it. Is important for the author, he writes every day, so the fantasy is preserved and the stories do not vanish, which you have in your head. Claudia Hinspeter

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