Malkavinos is very devoid, devoid of logic and reason, but they possess dom of the clarividncia and is always better to take one I obtain in any taken over on a contract basis. They had arrived finally at the place, only plus a door in a building above of any suspicion in Vienna. They had entered and already had some seated people the table, a well miscigenado group, two brujah, two to tremble, one nosferatu, two toreadores (so that? They never serve for nothing), two gangreis and plus one malkaviam, skies this meant that ventru would arrive plus one. It would have conflict of being able, two you lead can sink a ship. Not more than suddenly the door of small cmodo if it opened and ahead of it appeared one home, Joseph, one ventru without pair in the world, high and strong, without losing the beauty, classroom and the slightness, without losing the imponncia, the respect, and the power. It used the smoothened hair stops backwards and one cavanhaque perfectly drawn to frame the face, a pair of green eyes and a tender Armani black color. It brought a red rose in the hands and a look of mystery in the face.

If Elizabeth still breathed would have lost the breath in the mento where it entered, but would have kept the position, never lost the classroom. Looked at it and was as if two completely different worlds if had found, shocked and casting. It gave three firm steps in the direction of the beautiful young woman it arrebatou and it in its arms if leaning over on it and gave to it to a kiss (something practically forbidden between the vampires, all know of this, forbidden because of the risk it to another you to diablerizar vampire, to take its blood all, or to have one cut in the lips and you to create a bow of blood with it and to turn its slave). But it kissed also it with will, trusted, completely delivers.

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