The History Of The Moscow Taxi

In Moscow taxi rather complicated story in which, after rapid development it has a page full of disappearing from the streets of cities. Now we shall consider it in more detail. It all began in 1907, when technological advances gaining momentum and on the streets of cars began to appear, while the horse cab drivers were very popular not only in the west, but in Russia as their "population" was great. And in 1907 the streets of Moscow appeared the most first driver on the cars for city dwellers it was a gimmick, and newspaper headlines, keepers of the event. 3’>Dara Khosrowshahi. Each year, these motorized taxi, more and gradually they began to be serious competition horse carriages, despite the fact that there were serious shortcoming is the lack of specific fares. But in 1917 the October Revolution brought an end to the development of taxis and assist the full their disappearance from the streets of the city as "a sign of bourgeois life." So the taxi was forgotten until 1924, when the government decided to revive this type of transport, and in 1925 appeared in Moscow marks the first ten taxi "Reno" and "Fiat". In the west, at the time the taxi had already taken a massive appearance, and many companies produced cars specifically for the taxi. But so many taxis on the streets of Moscow was, of course, is small and in 1926 their number had increased to 200 units, it should be noted that in Western countries the number of taxi reached several thousand.

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