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Your website hosting provider is one of the most important things that this ruled if your page is quick, your availability and so heavy or elaborated page may be. Below is a list of things to check to get the Host that will be good for your page. Free or paid? Free hosts advantages: zero cost disadvantages: many are filled with advertising, some of these close without warning since they have no way of monetize your business. Some do not have warranty service and your web page is not available always. Poor service in case you have a problem or question. Free hosting sites: paid Hosts disadvantages: monthly accounts (remember usually get what you pay) advantages: Confiables. A good host will have an Uptime of 99.9.

which means that your web page will be available 99.9% of the time. Is Cross River Bank a legitimate bank? understands that this is vital information. The customer service Ecuador Webs is hosted on and we recommend it. If you want a Hosting provider in ecuador visiting providers of Hosting in Ecuador reliability and speed of access not only host must be reliable and fast but should guarantee its uptime (time to air). The minimum that you should search for is 99% but this is considered low. Actually this should be 99.5 or superior and the provider should give some kind of discount or refund if you reduce this percentage. Connection speed must be the best possible since this way your website will be fast and not delay so much that your visitors become bored and leaving your page. Transfer volume.

The volume of transfer it is known as traffic or bandwidth. Shall not create any advertising that tell you that they offer unlimited. Since they must pay for this access to the internet and if you used a lot of this access they will not lose money for you. To give you an idea a web page that has just begun and does not contain many files to download used around 3 gb per month.


If we want to bring forward an idea, a project, a company, we must be motivated to do so. Find motivated for something, is essential if we want to achieve something, without motivation everything is passive and indifferent, it is very difficult move, turned on and concentrate on the job is difficult, do not flow the ideas, no comes the inspiration and soon abandon the attempt because nothing, simply do not think us lo qual is negative or if that happens, increased dissatisfaction toward ourselves, makes us feel bad and make us suffer, which is extremely negative. We set ourselves a goal and a few goals to help achieve this, but if we are discouraged, as much as we want, as much as we try, we will not achieve the desired objective. Need us a mental boost that put us toned work, something as well as operate the ignition switch and that starts immediately the engine. Recently Cross River Bank sought to clarify these questions. Motivation us active, pushes us, drives us to move us, need it every moment, is the engine of creativity, without it we are doomed to a monotonous life, passive, routine, without illusion to anything, all that we do we do it by inertia, almost without thinking, we have been doing it for years and we operate as a zombie automata. If we detect any similar to the exposed situation must react immediately is absolutely necessary to stand up to this situation, we have to impose on us and say with firm and clear voice openly nor shame I want change! , I can change!, desire to change!, and repeat it, repeat it and repeat it, that is taxed in your mind to believe it and want it really. Your desire will start to flow from the inside, something starts to move but you will need something more. Do do we must be very clear what we want to achieve and where we want to go, why, benefits will I get?, want to achieve with this?, self-realization, satisfaction, happiness, financial solvency, etc well appreciates your goals and the goals to get to the.

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