Facebook Contact

In Touch – the Russian equivalent of the American popular social networking site Facebook. According to Alexa Internet – an authoritative service statistics, the site VKontakte is the second level of attendance in Russia and 34-m site in the world! Initially, VKontakte site has chosen a slightly different position than now, and has positioned “in contact” itself as a social network intended for students and graduates of elite universities of Russia. Only some time later OpenID become a universal tool for communication of different social groups and people of all ages. For the site VKontakte January 2009 was a historic event, it has overtaken in popularity and, consequently, on Enterprise website – “Classmates”. Mark of 14 million unique visitors was achieved in contact in April, while the site “Classmates” kept at 7-8 million visitors, that is almost 2 times less. Recent evidence suggests to us that the number of accounts of service in the contact exceeds 100 million users. Thanks to this site VKontakte so popular? In addition, due to service in that people can contact chat, meet and correspond, VKontakte has another very useful feature – it can listen to music and watch videos. The rate of adding music and video are very high and the database is constantly updated novelties, you can find almost any media file that interests him.

And naturally assumed that with time the user asks the question: “How to download music from a contact and how to download videos from the contact?”. It would seem, to download music and video VKontakte, what could be easier? But there it was, look and listen to your media can be, but to download videos from contact and download music from the contact is impossible. But do not worry prematurely, because there was a program for downloading music and video VKontakte. The program is very easy to use, you simply enter a query that can be, for example, the group name, or insert link in the appropriate box and click.

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